Club History

The following was an email received from Michael Graham.

Greetings from Central New York: I recently was scanning pictures of my earlier years in the RC hobby when I came across a bunch pictures that I took while attending your RC contest at the Skylarks Field in the summer of 1963. Here are a few pictures taken that weekend in August (I believe).

Here is a picture of the main entrance.

And here is the control shack. Notice that is was very windy!!

That’s my buddy Tommy Schad in the pup tent. We drove up from Topeka, Kansas in the 1960 Ford Falcon (in the background). We had each brought a 6-channel reed Class II airplane to fly and Tommy also had a new 8-channel reed Class III Tauri to fly.

Here are the single channel guys (Class I) hanging around during the contest.

Anybody still up there that might remember that early contest?? Wow! Your flying field has really changed!! It’s been 43 years since that contest. I’m now living in the Syracuse, NY area and fly with the Syracuse Thunderbirds Aero Radio Society at their field in Phoenix, NY.

Michael Graham